FlexiFloor - Swisstrax

Through Flexico we have sort the best solution to peeling paint, dusty garage floors and we are happy to prove to you that Swisstrax- The Worlds Finest Modular Tile can provide you with the most stunning versatile garage floors that are dust free and look good for years to come.  10 year warranty and strength that is second to none with 320kg/ square cm. We want you to work on your cars, jack them up, angle grind on them and drag heavy items around because we guarantee that nothing else will stand up to it.

With 22 colours in the range the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!  With 5 different tile designs to choose from we are confident that you will find a style to suit you and that your garage flooring will look as good as the day you installed it for years to come.  The patented locking system makes it as simple as click click click, and your new floor is in place.

Click below to see whats in store for you because here, we make you think differently about flooring.

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