Swisstrax- Turftrax

Swisstrax Turftrax flooring tiles incorporate a premium quality turf insert within an interlocking Polypropylene base. The base features the same patented channeling system as the Ribtrax tiles, ensuring maximum air flow underneath as well as a sturdy, comfortable feel.

Turftrax is also available to interlock with any of our other 40cm x 40cm styles thus allowing you to achieve your desired look for any situation

Turftrax is recommended for industrial shops, Garages, Event Floors, Trade Show Booths, Stage Floors, Showrooms, Pop Up Shops and many more!

The best features about this flooring is the ability to change the surface.  Once you have the system the tops/ surfaces can be changed to anything you want.  Carpet, vinyl and special order designs.  The list keeps going.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.


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