Pool & Patio Flooring

Low Maintenance Pool & Patio Flooring

Backyards are a place to relax and to spend time with family and guests. Whether it's a pool or a patio, our Ribtrax tile is the ideal choice for outdoor and wet areas. The Ribtrax tile is non-slip when wet and its open-profile design allows for water or moisture to drain through to the ground. With outdoor climates varying from extreme cold to hot, our tiles are durable, versatile and can handle adverse weather conditions.

The best part of the Ribtrax tile is its low maintenance attribute. A hose or pressure wash easily cleans up the tile surface, leaving its brilliant color to look beautiful for years.

With over 19 colors to choose from, designing your outdoor flooring is a custom experience from start to finish. Our gallery showcases several designs from customers.

Safety with Our Pool & Patio Flooring

Our tiles are non-slip which makes an outdoor pool or patio area much safer. Decks around the pool often incur excess water and the Ribtrax tile with its drainage channels ensures that heavy water flows through to the ground and drains according to the natural pitch of the landscape.