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Flexico Flooring And Storage Solutions Australia

Flexico offers a Breakthrough in Modular Storage Cabinets

Organization for the home, office, study, or garage has just got a whole lot easier thanks to Flexico. We've exploded the notion that storage is merely utilitarian and should look that way. Flexico cabinets are designed to restore order to your chaotic world, one beautifully enhanced space at a time. Garage, Study, Office, Bedroom or Shop Fit out, Re-modulate your thinking.

Flexico is your Outdoor Kitchen Solution

We are weatherproof, entertainment-worthy and ready to take on the great outdoors. Smart design, and infinite configurations. Flexico makes an attractive and powerful stand against the elements by storing and organizing all the elements of your outdoor life. Whether it's entertaining, poolside, lakeside, patio or simply hide-it-away storage � Flexico is the outdoor kitchen specialist.

Flexico your only choice for Modular Interlocking Floor Tiles, for the Garage, Showrooms or Patio Areas

Flexico provides attractive and comfortable garage floor tiles that are perfect for parties, outdoor events, garages, displays, and more. With many colors to choose from, you can design a one-of-a-kind garage floor to suit your taste.

Our floor tiles have an excellent slip resistance when wet, can be installed quickly, and are not affected by cold, heat, or most chemicals. They are easy to install, portable, require no floor preparation, and are a cost effective alternative. Imagine a garage, patio or showroom floor you can take with you.

Flexico is your PVC Slatwall Storage System Expert

A new direction in storage and organization... re-engineered Slatwall for home and industry. Storage at your finger tips. Items easily accessible organized and off the floor. Heavy duty storage that is versatile, waterproof, beautiful and recyclable;

Hooks, Baskets, Brackets and Shelves engineered to industrial standards, Flexiwall Slatwall is storage for demanding applications.


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