Flooring Gallery

Garage Flooring

Thinking of upping your game in the garage? Be inspired by these inpsirational images using our popular Ribtrax in pearl grey.


Business Set Up

This physio set up rooms that got them off the concrete and yet made their room modern, light and welcoming.


Passion Runs Deep

Your garage can be what you want it to be! We can help as much or as little as you want. For us its about smiling when you come home

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Retro Garage

Tony's car had us floored when it rolled in for the first time. We had to stop and stare.

Tyre Stains

Are you a person that only likes to drive your car on sunny days? Which means your worried about tyres stains on your new floor? There is no need to be as the lifetime warranty covers tyre stains.. not burn outs 😉

Home Workshops

Imagine seeing this in the rear vision mirror.. This space is set up for all the work that Steve wants to do on his car. Trollys roll, cars can be jacked up and even race fuel if spilt is tolerated well.

Motorbike Stands

So many different stand on the market with this one being very unique (a little like the bike)

The stands dont leave marks or indents in the floor. So park them or ride them


Built Tough for Your Work

This 2740kg LandCruiser on 4 Axel stands shows just how tough this floor is.

Taking 31 tonne roll over weight or 320kg/sq cm

Detailers Dream

Detailers & Tinters love this floor becasue it keeps them out of the water. Letting them work in dry conditions and producing beautiful results for their customers