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About Us


Actually it’s all about you. 

-If you have ever wanted to make more of you space

-Get organised

-Finish off your garage to match your beautiful home

We help you reach that goal. 

Each space is as unique as you & your family. While our website list products it can be a daunting task to know where to start or even what’s possible for your space.  Would you love to achieve that sense of pride for your home so when you pop the garage door, you smile, your relaxed & ready for the day?

Would life be better if mess that is there was a thing of the past and you can now get on with the things you want to do?

Is that peeling paint, stained floor, dust, bugs & everything else you bring in to the garage starting to eat away at you?

I invite you to look though the website and when you want to join the ever growing number of people realising that the garage brings families closer we are here for you . This really isn’t about us & you will learn about that on this exciting journey!  

Here are a few thoughts from our clients

“I was reflecting in wonder & amazement the other day at how much garage storage has made a huge impact on our lives… We got home from the beach with the dogs, emptied the car & put the gazebo, beach toys & dog crate away in less than 10mins.  Then I got a call from a friend inviting us to the skate park so into the boot I packed picnic gear, sunscreen, helmets, bikes, scooters & skateboard… 5 minutes later the kids were happily scooting at the skatepark with hats & sunscreen on.  Before I would have been so overwhelmed at packing & unpacking from one single activity that I would have said no to the second invitation… but life is so much easier when your not completely overwhelmed with STUFF!” -Rachael

“This is an absolute asset to my home and a pleasure to walk out everyday and enjoy how crisp and clean my garage looks” -Ray


Kelly Newbon