Storage Tub Slide Storage

Our NEW to the market Storage Tub Slide Storage provides a safe and secure way to store your tubs.  The system is easily adjustable to hold different sized tubs. This allows you to put those seasonal items up high and out of the way rather than taking up valuable floor space.  We like this product because it allows you to store tubs which would otherwise take up valuable floor space quickly & easily & you will love this because you will never accidentally kick or run into a tub again. 

Handy Hint - Lable the boxes on the bottom and store like items together

  • 4 x 223cm Long Rails  & 2 x 203cm Wide Rails inc in the box
  • Holds 220kg
  • Easy Installation
  • Manufactured with premium-grade steel 

Installation takes no more than 30mins as its 4 screws into your ceiling joists.

*tubs not included