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Learn more about the products your interested in with this Frequently Asked Questions section

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We want you to be able to enjoy your space and make the most of it. A place you’re proud to park your cars, where you can drop tools and not damage them or your floor, jack cars up or do a safe gym workout. A teenager retreat and even play with the kids and build that project together.

If you still have questions at the end of this, give us a call as we are more than happy to help

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that will answer your questions:

Can you drive a car on the floor?

Absolutely. It can take 31 tonne rolling weight or 320kg/sq cm. So driving a car, 4WD or just about anything else on it is the whole idea. The floor comes with a 25 year warranty and is meant to be driven on.

Can you turn tyres on the floor?

 Yes, you can. I turn my 3 wheeled forklift on it all day, everyday. The best idea is to be moving when turning. You can see this on YouTube, we’ve made videos to show and explain it better.

Can you jack a car on the floor?

Absolutely, and you can even sit the car on axle stands. There are some recommendations around which ones to use, so you can spread the weight. You can discuss that with a team member for more detailed information.

How do the floor tiles go with chemicals?

 As the tiles are mostly made of polypropylene so it’s the best option for chemicals including acids. The only thing it's not a fan of fuel. The Vinyltrax tops can also be easily replaced should one be damaged & the same with any tile. They can all be easily replaced in under a minute.

What happens to water that gets on or under the tiles?

Generally speaking, the water will evaporate within 24 hours due to the good airflow allowed to circulate through our perforated tiles.

Cars come in wet from rain etc. so a perforated surface means the water goes under the tiles and evaporates naturally. The other advantage to these tiles is if you have rising damp or a moisture problem with your slab these tiles can help cover the stains yet still allow airflow with no chance of mould or smells to occur plus all your stuff will stay drier with no musty smell.

If you choose tiles without perforation, water can still tickle between the tiles at the joins - so they’re not suitable for an area of flooring requiring a water-tight protection. 

Where is the flooring made?

We import the product from America & you pay the same price as everyone in America. We’re looking to start manufacturing locally soon.

How long does it take to get it once we have ordered?

5-7 days to your door. If you have a business it can be faster. Please note, we do not deliver to PO Boxes.

What happens at the front of the garage?

 There are edges with loops and pegs available. As the whole system is modular, you buy what you need. The edges are the same width as the tiles at 40cm. The looped ones go at the front of garage and the pegged ones go at the back and side if needed for doorways where there could be a trip hazard. There are also metal edges which come in lengths of 1.7m and 2.4m & are a great option in certain circumstances. Talk to one of our Flooring Specialists about this. 

Do the modular edges come in different colours?

Yes, most of the tiles have edges that do  come in the same range of colours but some of the lower volumes of colours are not available like pink, teal, turf green, purple and techno green. 

What happens at the edges of the wall or if your garage has pillars?

The tiles can be cut and trimmed when you get to a wall or a pillar. Even angles and curves can be cut around and there are loads of videos on YouTube we’ve created to help you with a quick and painless install.

How do you cut the tiles or edges?

With any saw, handsaw, jig saw, circular saw, angle grinder. I say, if you have a bunch of tools, find the one that is your favourite and use that. You can also hire the tile cutter guillotine. Chat to the team about this if you want to know more.

What happens if you drop something and it goes between the gap?

You can pick a tile from anywhere in the system. There are lots of videos on this subject on YouTube. Essentially you can lift a tile by pulling from one corner of any tile laid to release it. 

How big is the gap?

With the range of tiles on offer the biggest gap is 4mm. That is so things like screws and washers don’t fall down. In saying that if you have a work bench area or work with lots of screws etc we have a solid profile tile option that interlocks within the range. 

Are the tiles non-slip in the wet?

Yes, all the tiles have an in built texture so should you get the tiles wet. Which they will.. You will be safe on them. There are some that are smoother than others but you can talk to the team about that one. 

Do I have to install the floor wall to wall?

No, you don’t but it looks better and makes the whole floor more usable. Under racks can now be used as storage as the tiles allow stuff to stay dry, dust free & items slide easily on the floor.  

How do the tiles stay in place?

You don't need to glue them, or screw them. The tiles weigh a minimum 600 grams each & some weigh up to 1kg so they are held in place by their own weight once clipped together the become a strong mat.

Is any of the flooring resistant to oil?

Yes, absolutely! Plus coolant, lubricants & some acids. The Ribtrax, Smoothtrax and Diamondtrax - all the full polyproplene tiles are resistant to oils and won't distort or lose colour.

What happens if you drag something across the floor?

t’s actually easier to drag heavy  items on the Ribtrax tiles as there is very little surface area, so fridges and benches move easily. The floor won't damage or show scratches unless you have a nail sticking out or something sharp like that. The Smoothtrax and all the other tiles require a little more care, kinda like a regular floor.

I want to use my garage as a gym. Is this floor suitable for the gym and the car?

This is a common question and the answer is YES! The best result comes from having a chat with the team because everyone's workout is different. The idea is to give you a functional space that does everything you want. The floors love machines, heavy free weights and cardio/HIIT, some offer a better solution than others but the main thing is that when you're all done with the workout you can park the cars back inside. 

How much are they?

The tiles come in 6 different options & all vary in price depending on which tile you go for. If you mix and match then we need to work out how many of each you want.. All the modular tiles fit together so you can interlock different finishes around bench tops... to the gym... to  painting studios. It comes down to you and your space and what you're going to be doing in there or what you're trying to fix. 

Will my tyres stain the floor?

Absolutely NOT.. we give you a lifetime warranty on this. Also hot tyres wont melt them (unless you do a burnout 😉) they won't crack over time from extreme temps.. They will be the same consistent tile you have come to love.

What’s the range of flooring?

There are 6 different styles- from ribbed to smooth,  perforated, to solid which can include vinyl inserts. The range is there to help you make the most of the space.. Dancing is better on the smooth surfaces not the ribbed so it allows us to offer you a great diverse range. We also have rubber options as well as turf. Plus we can even customise signs and logos for your man cave or favourite car.  

Is there any floor preparation you need to do before installing the floor tiles?

On the box it says it’s totally optional... a sweep is about all it takes. If you have an unlevel floor or cracks etc you don't need to worry. The tiles have gone over many uneven surfaces and even cracks that have different levels don't seem to matter. If you're unsure, chat to our team about it. 

Can you see through them?

If you have your head about 50cm from them yes you can  but otherwise they are smartly designed to cast a shadow with the under structure so you  can’t see a thing.

What do they feel like to walk on?

They feel solid to walk on. No give or noise comes from them. If you're barefoot some people describe the ribbed ones as Maseur sandals. The other tiles are like a normal floor. Solid plastic ones can be noisy but that can be sorted with a 3mm sound proofing underlay.  

Why perforated tiles over solid floors?

Solid floors are like every other room in the house. They require lots of cleaning to keep them looking good. A garage has cars driving in and out and so the dirt that they bring in, is something that can be constant depending on your location etc. So the idea behind the perforated tile is to make sure the dirt, water etc goes down into the tiles thus leaving you a clean surface. Most of the dirt gets trapped in the first 3 rows so once a year you can give it a slow vacuum and you're done.

Why solid?

Solid tiles are good around benches where you work on lots of fine stuff or under hoists so you catch any spills. We usually recommend perforated tiles for the majority of the area, but we offer these as an option for certain areas (often in combination with our perforated tiles) as our tiles all work together to create the space you need and to be functional. It's easier to vacuum and clean up after your latest project but they don’t offer a water-tight seal, meaning water can still trickle between the tiles at the joins - so they’re not suitable for an area of flooring requiring a water-tight protection. Chat to the team about your space and see if these are the right tiles for your situation.

Where can I see it?

There are several locations around Australia. Most car events where  Shannon’s Insurance are, you’ll see our floor if it's longer than a car and coffee catch up. Plus there are many businesses all over the  country that you can walk into daily to see it.

Can you work out on the tiles?

Gym workouts are great on the floor... Plenty of grip and  easy to clean. The floor has antimicrobials in it to inhibit bacteria growth, so it’s great for  gyms. Depending on what type of workout your doing will depend if we recommend ribbed, smooth or solid. Chat to the team about this..

How do you clean the perforated tiles?

Some Youtube videos will show you that you have to pull out your garage and clean it every year or 6 months. If that was the case we would never sell you this product.. That would take way too much time.. The idea is that this floor saves you time. So you can hose it out or blow it out but the best and fastest way is to give it a vacuum in the drier months (Dec- Mar).

Do we need to seal the garage floor before putting the tiles down?

No, you don’t... Save  your money and your time.. Just lay the tiles down. No dust will rise up from the floor, I promise you. You can test this with our sample pack also. For $30 you get 2 tiles and 3 off cuts to test and see what suits you!

What else do I need to know about this floor?

You can run cables under the floor to  charge your bikes or cars that don’t get used all the time. Eliminating ugly cords running all  over the floor creates a neater and safer environment. There is so much that we haven't put here but if you have a question simply give us a call and we can go through anything else you may want to ask us!