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Swisstrax Commercial Floor Tiles

Commercial Floor Tiles – Strong and Durable

With the strength of our products, we have been a premier choice in commercial flooring tiles. Enduring over 31 tonne of rollover weight, our tiles, especially the Swisstrax Ribtrax tile, has consistently impressed our business customers. Working with companies through out Australia all of whom have been impressed with their resistance to wear while remaining low-maintenance. The tiles have many attributes and if you have a flooring need call us to discuss as we deal with everyday problems daily and chances are we have seen it, heard about it or discovered a way to solve it. 

When selecting your commercial flooring tiles, our recommendation is for workshops, garages, pop up shops, photo booths, hobby shops, pools supply shops, fishing tackle shops, kayak stores, garden houses or industrial manufacturers is the Swisstrax Ribtrax open profile tile. The cross-directional design of the tile is aesthetically pleasing while the open profile design keeps small debris from resting on the tile's surface. Always an easy installation and its silent to walk on and will keep your maintenance down to a minimum.  Also for the people who stand all day these tiles work wonders as the tiles design means every time you stand or move on the floor you will get a different pressure point thus less sore feet, warmer feet in winter and happier workers.

We do have other styles and patterns available in the Swisstrax range are vinyltrax, diamondtrax, turftrax and a number of different looks can be achieved.

When outfitting office or showroom floors, we recommend that possibly any of our tiles could achieve that standout look. Whether it's an entire room or a specific display area, Swisstrax flooring tiles allow for a custom design that becomes unique to its setting.  This is perfect if your renting the space as there is no need to glue the tiles and as such removal is almost easier than installation.

Dont forget to ask us about the new Graphictrax for your next floor.


Swan Yacht Club pop up bar while the main building was renovated summer 2016 (Colours used here Ivory & Pearl Silver)


Car Giant WA- the old Soltoggio Bros. Truck Wrecker shed converted into a showroom full of cars in August 2015. (Colours used here Black, Pearl Grey, Pearl Silver & Royal Blue) Before & After


Lexus of Perth Showroom 2018 in Carbon fibre Vinyltrax


 Tint-A-Car Myaree- This workshop floor will pay for itself in 5years as they no longer need to dryclean the carpets every quarter or hire mats to keep the office floor clean.  


Keogh Mowers- Turftrax help the mowers look more at home in this shop.  The grey outside floor has been down since 2008 and its still going strong


Pools are a great place for our Genuine Swisstrax Ribtrax as its resistant to all the chemicals, non slip and self draining.  For a full list of chemicals contact us


 Car displays are just the start.  We can team up your colours, wall art or surroundings to give you that professional finish.