HandiSOLUTIONS- Handiwall

As the exclusive distributor for HandiSOLUTIONS throughout Australia and New Zealand we are proud to be able to provide a full range of innovative storage solutions.

HandiWall is the cellular PVC slatwall designed to store and organise your garage, office, showroom and storeroom. Used as a complete wall or as a complement to your existing storage, HandiWall allows a flexible layout that easily adapts to your storage needs.

Keep the garage clean by hanging everything from power tools to rakes to cabinets on the HandiWall system. When it gets dirty, spray it down with a hose- HandiWall is impervious to water and the unique profile prevents water from pooling at the bottom of the slat.

Whether it’s one Wall or a complete garage makeover HandiWall provides the foundation on which to build your personalised storage solution.

By giving you an attractive and functional wall, that you simply clip the Baskets, Hooks, Cabinets, and shelves onto.

More importantly HandiWall is easy to change, move or expand to suit your ever changing needs. You will never be stuck with that bracket, shelf or cabinet in the wrong place again.

In the office or to simply drive the neighbors green with envy we have a unique storage solution for you.