1 Walling Panel

•Dont take up floor space.. Use your wall space.. This is a fantastic way to keep organised not matter how big or small your space.  Perfect for the garage that has all the toys but no where to store them or the apartment that needs to squeeze another box in.

• Scratch resistant with normal use, surface scratches are less noticeable due to the material color is throughout the entire product
• Color coordinated installation screws and trim available
• Smooth satin finish gives high end aesthetic appeal
• Compatible with standard slatwall accessories
• Water and moisture resistant
• Custom lengths available
• Strong and durable - if screws are installed into each slate then it can hold 100lb per square foot
• Easy to clean - just hose or wipe it down

Panel size is 2430mm x 300mm (7-8 panels will do a wall from floor to ceiling)

Maple Slat walling used here


Before and After- Taupe used in the picture above.